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“The ocean has just one taste, the taste of salt. In the same way, this teaching and training has one taste, the taste of freedom.”

-Aṅguttara Nikaya 8:19; Bhikkhu Sujato trans., The Numbered Discourses of the Buddha, Sutta Central


All Dharma Friends Community groups and gatherings share a common purpose:to help participants practice the teachings of the Buddha as we find them in the early Buddhist texts.

Dharma Friends is organized around a network of affiliated small groups that meet independently. We also offer events for the community as a whole, to which newcomers and visitors are always welcome.

Developing the Buddha’s path is a very personal process. Each of us must find our way, one step at a time. By offering different options for learning and practicing, we hope to support a wide range of people as they find their own personal next step.

Dharma Friends Community is committed to welcoming everyone who participates in our groups and events with respect and genuine friendliness. We intend that the teachings offered here not only benefit the individuals who participate directly, but also contribute to the bending of the arch of our world towards true freedom from suffering for all.

For more information about becoming a part of Dharma Friends Community, please visit our Groups & Events page, or view our full calendar of upcoming opportunities for practice. To learn more about the teachings of the Buddha in the meantime, read our blog or sign up for occasional notifications below.


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Recent Reflections

Reflections posts are offered as a helping hand for those seeking to develop the Buddha’s path. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the posts are written or recorded by Dharma Friends Community’s Guiding Teacher, Callie Justice. Introductions to the most recent posts can be found below. To view all blog posts, click here.