What We Do

The Buddha’s path is to be developed through practice.


“When the Buddha had finished speaking this sūtra, the monks heard what the Buddha had said, and they rejoiced and practiced it accordingly.”

- The Qilin Sūtra (Taisho Edition T2 no. 99) excerpted from Four Gandhari Samyuktagama Sutras, Andrew Glass, University of Washington Press, 2007.


The path taught by the Buddha provides us with a rich body of practices. These practices offer concrete, practical ways to let go of our destructive habits of mind, helping us avoid actions that bring harm to ourselves and others and cultivate those that are beneficial.

So, we practice. We do skillful non-harming actions.

We meditate on the experience of breath.

We cultivate thoughts and feelings of good will towards all beings.

We set intentions to speak, behave and think in skillful ways.

We study and contemplate the Buddha’s teachings. 

We practice. And as we practice, gradually, over time we change.

Dharma Friends Community Meditation Hall. Photo credit: Kent Crawford, 2018.


“Just as the great ocean slants, slopes, and inclines gradually, not dropping off abruptly, so too, in this Dhamma and discipline penetration to final knowledge occurs by gradual training, gradual activity, and gradual practice, not abruptly.”

- Aṅguttara Nikaya 8:19; Bhikkhu Sujato trans., The Numbered Discourses of the Buddha, Sutta Central


By our actions, by our choices we change.


The moment fades away.

Another rises in its place

Though the heart may grieve to say goodbye

While what we do casts stones upon a lake rippling out in time

So legacies of each choice we make – multiply.

Choose well, oh dear ones.

Choose well.