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Five Themes for Frequent Reflection

We begin practicing the Five Themes for Frequent Reflection by bringing our awareness to four of the most obvious facts concerning human existence. These four facts - we grow old; we get sick; we die; we lose all of the people and the things that we love - are at once totally apparent and somehow hard to keep a grip on. We don’t want to see them. We look away. We want to feel as if our youth, our health, our lives and our loves belong to us. And they don’t.

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All Experience is Preceded by Mind

Read and reflect on these verses from the Dhammaphada over the next week or so. You may want to choose a particular time of day to do the reading – perhaps on waking in the morning or before sleep. You may want to post the reading in a spot where you are likely to encounter it throughout the day – on the fridge or bathroom mirror, as a screen saver on your computer or phone. Notice any effects of doing this practice and, if you’d like, keep some journal notes on what you notice.

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