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Right Mindfulness - An Overview

The term ‘mindfulness’ has become widely used in recent years. Generally, in current popular-culture, the word mindfulness is employed to mean ‘bringing full non-judgmental attention to an aspect of present-moment experience.’ This approach to the practice of mindfulness has been used to beneficial effects in many different areas of contemporary society.

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The Hurricane

A couple of weeks ago Hurricane Florence came bringing us a message. The basic message was a louder more insistent version of one that arrives on our doorsteps on a regular basis. Florence told us that things change, and that sometimes things change dramatically. The rains fall. The wind blows. And overnight the place where we have constructed ‘home’ as best we could becomes imperiled.

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The Human Predicament

It’s hard to be a person. We seem to have been made to want what we cannot have. That’s a predicament. Not just an occasional-hiccup kind of a predicament either. We want what is pleasing to our bodies and to our minds – all of the time. And, on top of that, we want this for others as well. At a minimum, we want those who we love to be happy enough most of the time. Yet, since the experiences that please us cannot endure, we will never find lasting happiness in trying to hold to them.

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