New Group Practice Opportunities

In the coming weeks two of Durham’s Early Buddhism practice communities will provide new opportunities to participate in small groups. Here at Dharma Friends Community we will offer ‘Beginning the Buddha’s Path,’ and our friends at the Eno River Buddhist Community will begin a new cycle of their Sutta Study Group.

Beginning the Buddha’s Path

A new session of the Dharma Friends Community’s six-week class ‘Beginning the Buddha’s Path’ will start on October 23rd, 2018. (Update - The start date for this group has been changed to November 6th, 2018. The group will not meet the week of Thanksgiving, and will add an extra week to make up for the missed session.) This group is carefully designed to ease newcomers into learning about the teachings of the Buddha with a step-by-step approach interweaving study and practice. To learn more about this group, visit the Groups and Events page.

Sutta Study Group

The Eno River Buddhist Community’s Sutta Study Group will begin meeting for this year on Thursday, September 27th. The group will read and discuss suttas to explore core topics such as giving and generosity, faith or confidence, sympathy, the four noble truths, and the hindrances. For further information, visit the Eno River Buddhist Community.